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Shared Data Centric Approaches for Risks Scoring & KYC

IT Value Management Session

Financial Inclusion & Fintech Discussions

With Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum Co-Founder)

Roundtable Discussion - Blockchain For Financial Services

Sharing how Blockchain will impact Accounting & Auditing Industry

Presenting a business case for Private Capital to accelerate FI

with George Harrap (CEO, Bitspark)

with Ian Myles (Area51)

With Ron Hose (CEO,

With Brett King (CEO, Moven)

With Cyrus Daruwala (IDC)

With JP Nicols

With Neal Cross (CIO - DBS Bank)

With Piyush Gupta (CEO, DBS Bank)

With Steve Monaghan (AIA)

With Bipin Sahani (Wells Fargo)
Delivering a talk on P2P Payments & Remittance @ DBS Bank

Demo Day of Startupbootcamp firms

Fintech Discussion at CIO Academy

With Arjay Gavankar (DBS DigiBank)

with Arvinder Grewal- Wave Money

With Mahesh Goel - Nearex